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Romanov family executed

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romanov dynasty: a brief history The Romanov Dynasty also known as “The House of Romanov” was the second imperial dynasty (after the Rurik dynasty) to rule Russia.

The Romanov family reigned from until the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II on March 15,as a result of the Russian Revolution. Poland invades Russia. - The Romanov dynasty begins when Michael Romanov is elected Tsar.

The Romanov dynasty will rule until Saint Basil's Cathedral. - The Salt Riot occurs in Moscow over the introduction of a salt tax. Brief Overview of the History of Russia. These are some of the questions that we want to answer as we make our way through the History of the Romanov Dynasty Below is a youtube documentary that covers the bulk of the story.

If you want to get a sneak peak overview you could watch it but don't feel obliged. Dec 19,  · The History of the Russian Dynasty - Episode 2. Documentary Film. Babich-Design Fyodor Alekseyevich Romanov had everything to do that, except for health. The Romanov dynasty.

Execution of the Romanov family

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, Czar Nicholas II and his family are executed by the Bolsheviks, bringing an end to the three-century-old Romanov dynasty. Romanov Dynasty Revision Tutorial Social Structure of 20th Century Russia Largest country, land is quite useless (only 5% could be used for farming).

Romanov dynasty overview 2
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