Rencontres efficacite energetique

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Sustainable Future

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Sciences numériques et efficacité énergétique

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We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising. Review of Energy Efficiency Directive: strengthen the local energy savings potential Inthe EU Energy Efficiency Directive is bound to be revised.

Energy Cities recently responded to a public consultation of the EU Commission on the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Closed-cell foam was sprayed to the entire perimeter of the building's interior on every floor. / De la mousse à cellule fermée a été giclée sur tout le périmètre intérieur et sur chaque étage de l’immeuble. Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management (MS ® EMI), Olivier CATEURA is Professor at emlyon business school in strategy, innovation & entrepreneurship.

Expert on the energy sector, Olivier’s interests are on cleantech and business models of.

Rencontres UBIFRANCE sur l’efficacité énergétique (discours)

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LE STUDIUM welcomes experienced foreign researchers into public and private regional laboratories in France and organises scientific events, which promote interdisciplinary exchanges between regional and international scientific communities and enhance the development of human capital for research, development and innovation.

Rencontres efficacite energetique
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