Real money trading

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How to Seamlessly Transition From Demo Trading to Real Money

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Real Money Trading

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Real Money Trading

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The Real Money Trade trope as used in popular culture. The purchase or sale of online game equipment, currency, or even powerleveling services for real money. Mar 07,  · Real Money Trading or RMT, refers to the practice of spending real money for digital goods such as game items, characters, gold, or other such features or services.

Diablo III officially supports and allows RMT through the in-game Auction House. Such trading of real money for virtual goods simply represents the development of virtual economies where people come together where the real and the synthetic.

Real Money Trading or RMT, refers to the practice of spending real money for digital goods such as game items, characters, gold, or other such features or services. To control real money trading, EVE Online created an official and sanctioned method to convert real world cash to in-game currency; players can use real world money to buy a specific in-game item which can be redeemed for account subscription time or traded on the in-game market for in-game currency.

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Real money trading
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