Proposal for a backup solution

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Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Backup Plans

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Proposal for a Backup Solution

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Backup Software RFP Template

Green Engineering is a retailer and provider of solar PV panels, inverters, HEMS, Heat Pump, Battery System and complete systems from well reputed brands.

We distribute our products from Australia to Asia, and to all over the world. All our products are offered with warranties. Since we are supposed to do a lot of tweaking and tinkering with our Raspberry Pi installations, it is always a good idea to backup the working SD card image before venturing for any experimentation.

One way to do this is to take the whole SD card out and use another Windows/Mac computer to backup and restore the full sd-card image as demonstrated earlier. If we think there’s a good match between your solution and our DoD partners, we’ll invite you to provide us with a full proposal — this is the beginning of negotiating all.

Proposal for a new open source backup solution Putting the above features together, I propose the features of the new backup solution. As I mentioned, this could be a new project or an evolution of any of the existing applications.

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Proposal for a backup solution
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