Money is a curse or a blessing

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Other questions pertain to cosmic reversal of poles, working with energy based healing systems and the phenomena of money; is it a blessing or a curse? Many different subjects in this episode of The Mystical World We Live In.

What the devil doesn’t want you to know first and foremost is that he exists! Jesus said this about Satan: He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is. Money can buy any material thing but happiness. In this essay we explore if money can be a blessing or a curse.

If we don’t apply biblical principles to it, money can turn from a blessing into a curse. On the surface, money is simply paper and coins, yet it seems to have a strange power over some people who are willing to compromise their morals and sacrifice everything dear to them for a price.

When you put money in perspective and recognize why it was given to you, it becomes a blessing instead of a curse. And by using your wealth for charitable and philanthropic purposes instead of spending it all on the desire of the moment, your money becomes eternal.

The curse and blessing of SGR cash. Tuesday September 4 Neighbours and relatives say when Mr Mwasema got the money, he went on a spending spree and blew most of it on alcohol.

Money is a curse or a blessing
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