Mne selection techniques for international assignments

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The selection of individuals to fill international assignments is particularly challenging because the content domain for assessing candidates focuses primary attention on job context rather than attempting to forecast the ability to perform specific tasks on the job or more generally, the elements listed in a technical job description.

The key purpose of this study is to show the importance of selection techniques for a MNE when selecting an expatriate for an international assignment. Aims The aim of this study is to explore the proper selection techniques which can improve the performance of an expatriate and help him to retain.

The selection process for an international assignment should provide a realistic picture of the life, work, and culture to which the employee may be sent. The selection process for international assignments should provide a true picture of life, work and culture to which selected employees may be assigned.

The process starts by preparing a comprehensive description of the job to be done. The paper uses two concepts to organize the talent management literature: talent philosophies and a theory of value.

It introduces the notion of talent management architectures and first analyses four talent management philosophies and the different claims they make about the value of individual talent and talent management .

Mne selection techniques for international assignments
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Selection Criteria for International Assignments