Mccain committee assignments

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John S. McCain, Jr.

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SENATE COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS Leadership is highlighted in yellow, while new members to the committee are in bold. Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Majority John McCain, CHAIRMAN, Arizona Jack Reed, RANKING, Rhode Island James Inhofe, Oklahoma Bill Nelson, Florida.

John McCain has provided a surprising excuse for his strange line of questioning during Thursday's Senate hearing with James Comey - saying that he was tired from staying up late the previous. Committee Assignments. Caucuses and Organizations.

About Delaware. Map of Delaware. Voting Record. Sponsored Legislation. Co-Sponsored Legislation.

John McCain jokes about his confused questioning in Senate committee hearing

Issues View Page. Agriculture. I was privileged to serve with John McCain for several years, first in the House of Representatives and then for the past 17 years in the Senate. As freshman. SENATE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE TH CONGRESS WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, U.S.

Senate Republicans announced their committee assignments for the th Congress. The assignments have been ratified by the Senate Republican John McCain, Arizona James Inhofe, Oklahoma Jeff Sessions, Alabama.

Committee Assignments Senator John McCain serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services; Member and former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs; and Member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Mccain committee assignments
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