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Jan 27,  · Lance Armstrong in my opinion is a villain because he won seven tours with illegal substances like EPO. But also I think he’s a hero because he told the truth. I agree that some people will take away all the money he has won in the seven torus. Lance Armstrong has done many great things for cancer survivors, but did he build his entire persona on an identity that was created by cheating?

Recent happenings seem to indicate he did. Jun 04,  · Floyd Landis' claims that Lance Armstrong engaged in sports doping has put one of America's most celebrated athletes under the microscope. Lance Armstrong, Antihero A damning new book about the disgraced champ serves as a reminder: The difference between "villain" and "morally complicated protagonist" is often just in the.

Ultra-athlete & bestselling author Rich Roll talks with Lance Armstrong about his iconic rise, his infamous fall from grace & his commitment to moving forward. It's hard to argue with success; it's even tougher to emulate it.

But if you want to train like a Tour de France winner, you couldn't do much better than learning the tricks of the trade from two-time champion ( and ) Lance Armstrong.

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