Invent options for mutual gains

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Getting to Yes Book | Roger Fisher and William Ury | Book Summary |

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Invent Options For Mutual Gain

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‘Getting to Yes’ by Roger Fisher & William Ury

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Sep 08,  · Generate options for mutual gain. Once you’ve uncovered the interests of both sides, you can then take advantage of perhaps your greatest opportunity in negotiation, which is to invent options. NEGOTIATION CHART. NEGOTIATION PROBLEM Positional Bargaining: Which Game Should You Play?

Demand one-sided gains as the price of agreement. Invent options for mutual gain. Search for the single answer: the one they will accept. Develop multiple options to choose from: decide later. Insist on agreement. Insist on your position. Insist on. Principled-Negotiation Framework A. First the Ground Rules: Treat People with Care and Utmost Respect.

Invent Options For Mutual Gain

1. Keep communication open. Help all stakeholders share their concerns and interests. Brainstorm to Invent Options for Mutual Gains. 1. Encourage everyone to invent options while withholding the critiques to the next task. 2. Before the. * Broaden the options on the table.

* Expand the most promising ideas from the brainstorming session. * Invent agreements of different strengths. * If you can't agree on substance, perhaps you can agree on procedure. * Change the scope of a proposed agreement - put it in smaller or manageable units.

* Look for mutual gain by expanding the pie. Oct 04,  · Getting To Yes Book Inventing Options For Mutual Gain Infomercial. Invent Options For Mutual Gain Posted by Beetle B. on Thu 09 June Much of the material with the tag gty comes from Getting To Yes.

Invent options for mutual gains
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