Ernestine wiedenbach nursing theory

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Ernestine Wiedenbach

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Nursing Theory

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Off of her description are Wiedenbach, E. Wiedenbach's model of nursing defines the patient as any person receiving help of some kind from the health care system. Help can include care, teaching, and advice. In this nursing theory, a patient does not need to be ill or injured since health education qualifies someone as a patient.

Ernestine Wiedenbach in nursing theory The nursing theory is a term used to refer to the body of knowledge used for the support of the nursing practice. It is a framework that is designed for the organization of knowledge and gives an explanation to phenomena in nursing at a level that is specific and more concrete.

Ernestine Wiedenbach Nursing Theory.

Ernestine Wiedenbach Theory

Ernestine Wiedenbach Ernestine Wiedenbach was born on August 18, in Hamburg, Germany. Her family then moved to New York in Ernestine went on to educate herself by obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College in Ernestine Wiedenbach was a well educated professor at Yale when she developed the Helping Art of Clinical Nursing.

Ernestine Wiedenbach () was an early nursing leader who is probably best known for her work in theory development and maternal infant nursing. She believes that there are four elements to her concept “The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing” which are: a philosophy, a purpose, a practice and the art.

ERNESTINE WIEDENBACH’S PRESCRIPTIVE THEORY. INTRODUCTION Ernestine Wiedenbach was born in August 18,in Hamburg, Germany. Wiedenbach's conceptual model of nursing is called ' The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing".

Ernestine wiedenbach nursing theory
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Ernestine Wiedenbach