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Bidding for Antamina Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Determine a bid strategy based on your goals

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Antamina Copper Mine

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Bidding for Antamina As a part of a large scale privatization process Centromin, owned by the Peruvian government, is planning to sell of one of their eleven properties; the Antamina parcel. Case: Bidding for Antamina (HBS case #MPF chapter 14) Optional: “A New Approach to Evaluating Natural Resource Investments,” by Brennan and Schwartz, reprinted in The New Corporate.

Essay writing Customer Relationships Using Organisation Of M by Frederick (itathspirveo). Stream music on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Course calendar. LEC # TOPICS; 1: Class Discussion of Aspen Technologies Case.

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Lecture on The Role of Risk Management (Topics ) and on Measuring Risk (Topic 5) 2: Class Discussion of Bidding for Antamina Case.

Lecture on Measuring and Pricing Risk (Topics 5 and 6) 3: Class Discussion of MW Petroleum (B) Case. A novel aspect of the transaction was the type of bid requested by the Peruvian government, essentially asking bidders to state both the premium that they would pay and exercise price (pledged development expenditure) they would set for this real option.

Bidding for antamina
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