An overview of the summer assignment

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This effort is called Response to Topic. Summer Assignment Overview The first part of the summer assignment is designed to help you prepare for college and the AP Literature Exam, where skills developed by avid reading are essential. Only the well-read student can respond intelligently to any essay question on the AP exam; therefore, summer reading is vital to your success.

Overview Stay in the know this summer, be ready for the first day of school on August 20,and keep your skills sharp. Check out Helpful Documents on the left for the subject areas to see if one those class assignments is yours! Please note: Sophomores and Juniors that are registered for Creative Writing / Journalism do not need to complete the summer assignment.

Overview of the Summer Assignment Process (Senior Officer and Field Grade Officer Housing Draws) NOTE: There will be no Company Grade Draw in Lieutenants and Captains arriving in may obtain on.

Below are the summer assignments for English language arts, AP Statistics, honors history, and Virtual High School AP classes. English Language Arts. It is an exciting time for Diman as we delve into the One Book, One School summer reading adventure.

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An overview of the summer assignment
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